Case Study | Cognitive Surplus


Being a company that attracts people interested in science, Cognitive Surplus wanted to find these users on Facebook using different forms of targeting. The company had no distinct revenue goals; they simply wanted to gain traction selling their products and attain profitability within 1-2 months.

Before hiring Hercules Marketing Agency, they ran some simple re-targeting campaigns which produced lukewarm results.


We began by going over their company website and looking into their previous marketing efforts to put together a campaign strategy.

For Facebook marketing, we built out campaigns which targeted users at the top, middle, and bottom of their marketing funnel. This was a mix of custom audiences, page engagement, and interest targeting.

Targeted ad copy was used to engage each audience at the point they were at in the funnel and get them to proceed towards a purchase.


For some ad sets, the top of the funnel produced an ROAS of 4x. Because of the valuable social proof our ads were attaining by running this campaign, further spending was justified to get users further on down the path to purchasing if they hadn’t already done so.

Middle of the funnel results are currently profitable with an ROAS of over 2.

Bottom of the funnel results have been very positive with an ROAS of over 10, proving that a new message with a new ad will produce good results for those that have shown previous interest in the products.

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